Practice for the San Jose Tri

Starting Time: 7 a.m., May 30, 2005

Starting Place: Almaden Swim and Racquet Club Pool (see map)

Transition Location: Almaden Lake Park, East entrance (see map)

Transition time: Approximately 8am

Lunch at Carol & Art's house after the bike and run (showers and hot tub available).


Almaden Swim and Racquet Club ("ASRC") is located at 6604 Northridge Drive, in the Almaden Valley area of San Jose. To get there from the north, take the Camden exit from Highway 85. Turn left on Camden and go south. You will go about 4 miles south on Camden, passing the Blossom Hill intersection and the Meridian/Leyland Park Dr. intersection (Meridian on the left, Leland Park Dr. on the right), continuing until you get to Trinidad Dr. Turn right on Trinidad Dr., and follow it about a quarter mile to Crown Blvd. Turn right on Crown Blvd. and continue for about 200 yards. ASRC is on the right; turn into the parking lot before the end of the block. NB: You can also get there from Almaden Expressway (see alternate directions).

Course Maps:

Bike Course

Run Course

Note: the run course map is different than what is on the race web site. The main difference is that the run will NOT go down Winfiled Blvd., abut under the Coleman bridge. I checked with the race director, and he confirmed that their run map was not accurate. I also changed the return from the out and back piece (going to the south) to what I recall from the race last year. I'm not 100% certain about that piece .