Looking for an alternative to the Cinderella ride? Maybe something with a smaller group of (mostly) friendly (mostly) female (mostly) cyclists on a different route?
Meet at 8:30am, Saturday April 2 at Carol's house, 7151 Wooded Lake Drive, San Jose. Click here for map/directions to Carol's house.
We will continue the multi-distance format from last year. The main ride starts at 9:00 sharp, and will be 40 miles of rolling hills and a few moderate climbs at a comfortable pace. This is not a race, it is a celebration. If you want to add some harder miles (or a run) before that, let us know and we will coordinate. If you want to do a shorter ride, there will be an alternate starting point at Calero Stables, about 8 miles from Carol's house, for a total of just under 24 miles. Click here for route elevation profile. There is no traffic control, so obey all of the normal traffic rules and proceed at your own risk (Carol's husband is a lawyer, so we had to say that). The ride goes by 3 local lakes, Calero, Chesbro and Uvas, but all fish must be released before returning to Carol's house. There are restrooms (well, porta-potties, anyway) at several spots on the route. Click here for route map. A hot tub and chicken burritos will be available at the finish. Click here for chicken burritos. Please note: after ride festivities are MANDATORY, no exceptions. This year will also introduce the post-race Chocolate Contest.
If you have questions, email Carol at carol@courvilles.com or call her at 408-323-9761. Please also let her know if you are interested in the early ride (or run) in addition to the main ride, or if you want to start at Calero for a shorter ride.