Family Race Report

Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim, June 3, 2000

This was an event for the whole family. Mom (Carol) entered the 2-mile age group race (and no, we're not going to say what age group) and steamed her way to a 47:08, good for a 3d place finish. Dad (Art) entered the 2-mile wetsuit [wimp] division race, and despite swimming towards an umbrella in a boat instead of the marker for the first turn, swam a 48:41 to place fifth in the wimp division. Greg entered the 1-mile 11-18 age group race, and turned in a great time of 31:48 as one of the youngest participants in his division. Madeline entered the 500 yd. 8 and under race. Unfortunately, Madeline demonstrated that she is either more sensitive or more intelligent than the rest of us, and turned in her first DNF (actually, a DNS - did not start - due to the cold and cloudy water), but rallied later in the day to perform in a gymnastics show.

Lessons for the day:

Art: Make sure you know what you are swimming towards. A brightly colored umbrella is not the same as a turn marker. It's hard to swear with your face in the water. Water that's 72 degrees F on a sunny day may be a bit on the warm side for a full wetsuit.

Carol: I'm still faster than Art. Art still makes up excuses about why he got beat. But I can't rub it in too much or he'll tell everyone what age group I was in.

Greg: A mile isn't so far, but it would be even less if I swam straighter.

Madeline: You still get an In-N-Out burger even if you don't swim. And gymnastics is more fun than swimming.